Prospect Safe

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The safety of our community is a responsibility all of us need to take part in. The recent Public Safety Information Session held incredible insight to concerns that residents have about the safety of Prospect and ways in which we can all do better. 

The idea behind the Community Pledge came from discussions that residents, local law enforcement and town and state government contributed during this session. All of these moving parts play a vital role in the success of creating a safe environment for all of us to live in. 

The pledge piece represents a voluntary method for residents to uphold our community’s interests and values and to encourage and maintain a supportive community for everyone. Working for a better community is always changing and as such, so can the pledge for safety. This pledge speaks to what our town can ban together to persevere through at the current time. There will always be new challenges we will need to work with our friends and neighbors to overcome. 

The plan piece represents the goals and responsibilities that town government and employees have to continue to work for the residents of Prospect and move forward with successful planning to increase safety measures in all categories. This includes continuing research on the functionality of policies set in place for budgeting, staffing and special projects to achieve what residents are concerned about. Examples of this can be but are not limited to: Increased police presence on shifts, bait cars, marked and unmarked patrol cars, speed limit cameras, speed humps, control rumble strips, public education and awareness and continued communication transparency. 

Additionally, the local government piece includes communicating the challenges our town faces with state legislature and conveying the consequences of restrictions it’s putting on law enforcement and the lackadaisical accountability approach it currently has for juvenile delinquents. 

If we can work together to achieve these goals and overcome the challenges, we can make Prospect a town that prevents crime before it happens. 



  1. Home surveillance and increased property lighting.
  2. Neighborhood Watch groups – Get to know your neighbors and vehicles and communicate abnormal activity to neighbors and local authorities.
  3. Follow the recommendation of “See Something, Say Something”.
  4. Create local Facebook pages, chat groups, text groups, etc., to remind your neighbors, friends and family to lock their houses, vehicles, garages, sheds, etc. daily and nightly.