Public Works

The Mission of the Public Works Department is to provide effective and high quality public works services to enhance the living and working environment in the Town of Prospect. The goal is to provide essential services and infrastructure to enhance the community’s life every day.

The department is committed to providing the highest quality public works services to the public and other City departments, balanced through efforts to maintain a cost effective operation and to provide these services in a responsible and efficient manner.

It is the goal to design, build and optimally maintain buildings and facilities that are clean, accessible and that otherwise meet the needs of Prospect’s community. The department is responsible for the Town’s equipment, cleans, maintains and repairs town streets, maintains town parks and any other job that arises that has to do with the well-being of the infrastructure of the Town of Prospect. This is achieved through the use of resources, teamwork and coordination with other departments within the Town of Prospect.

Public Works Department

221 Cheshire Road
Prospect, CT 06712

Phone: (203) 758-4983
Fax: (203) 758-4466