Sewer User Fee

Sewer User Fee


The Sewer Use bill consists of a User Fee, Sinking Fund Fee, and Operational Fee, each computed as follows:


Each of the three (3) major sewer users in town is equipped with a flow meter that measures the sewage leaving the facility. The three major users are 1) Pond Place Medical Center, 2) Regency of Prospect, and 3) Aria Banquet Facility.
The Pond Place and Aria facilities are single users, so their metered sewer flows are used directly to establish their billed User Fee.
Since the Regency of Prospect sewer flow is comprised of many private residential units, the total flow is apportioned between each of the individual owners as follows:
Connecticut Water Company provides to the Prospect WPCA yearly domestic water usage data (July 1 through June 30) for each individual property within the Regency development. This information allows the WPCA to compute each unit’s percentage of Regency’s total domestic water usage for the year.
Each unit’s domestic water use apportionment is applied to the total Regency wastewater billing received from the City of Waterbury. This is the billed User Fee established for each user within the Regency development.


The Sinking Fund Fee is calculated by multiplying the User Fee by the sinking fund markup, currently established at 4%.


The total operational and administrative cost expended by the WPCA each year is totaled based on actual expenditures. That total operational cost is apportioned amongst the system users in accordance with their wastewater flow apportionment computed as described above.


Sewer Use bills are mailed at the end of September and become due October 1st. Payments must be received in the Tax Collector’s office on or before October 31st or contain an Official US Postmark of October 31st or prior. Any payments not received on or before October 31st that do not contain an Official US Postmark of October 31st or prior will be assessed interest at a rate of 1 ½ % per month from the due date of October 1st.
NOTE: The Water Pollution Control Authority meets in September to review the bill received from The City of Waterbury and schedule a public hearing for the establishment of Sewer User Charges for the current billing year. Questions regarding sewer usage should be directed to the Water Pollution Control Authority at [email protected]