Tax Refunds

Per State Statute 12-129, taxpayers must apply for a refund (a refund by law is a true overpayment of the amount due in the rate book) within three (3) years of the due date of the tax bill. A few exceptions apply within the law. A copy of this application form can be viewed below. Download this form, fill it out and mail it to my office or email it to [email protected] as soon as possible. The full 2020 Grand List, 2021 Grand List and 2022 Grand List years are still open for application. We may require a copy of the payment receipt at any time.

Please note that there is no guarantee for a refund in the form of a check. Per state statute, the existence of another tax delinquency or other debt owed by the same person, firm or corporation shall be sufficient grounds for denying the application. If this should occur, after an application has been made, the outstanding refund amount shall be transferred to the other tax delinquency or debt.

Approved refunds are processed in our office twice a month as they follow the Town Council meeting schedule. Once the Tax Collector approves the refund, they are presented at a meeting of the Town Council. The Town Council shall then draw an order upon the treasurer's office in favor of such applicant for the amount of refund so certified. Once the order is approved, we process the refund checks and mail them to the rightful owner of the credit.

For further questions, please contact the Tax office at (203)758-4461. Thank you.

Refund Form

** Please Print to sign the above form and email to [email protected] or Mail it to Attn: Tax Collector, 36 Center St, Prospect, CT 06712 **